1. Promo Package: Buy 5 PainAway Lasers, Get 2 Free

Promo Package: Buy 5 PainAway Lasers, Get 2 Free

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Full product information can be found here: PainAway Laser
Part Number: MRM-PA-5-2

Don’t let your patients skip out on necessary laser treatments – send them home with a PainAway Laser! The PainAway Laser is safe and effective for providing pain relieving therapy in the comfort of home. Plus you’ll earn passive income on weekly rentals, benefitting both your patients and your practice.

You prescribe the laser therapy treatment and then your techs explain how this simple laser works with its easy-to-use pre-programmed settings. The PainAway Laser Therapy Rental Program is perfect for clients who can’t make it to the office for multiple laser therapy sessions.

Each PainAway Laser Rental Program also comes with a ready-to-use marketing kit complete with pamphlets, treatment protocols, posters, flyers, press releases and more. You’ll have everything you need to get the word out to your clientele.

View the Webinar on how to Bridge the Care and Revenue Gap with At-Home Laser Therapy

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