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Full product information can be found here: MR4 ACTIV
Part Number: 600-300
Cordless, Versatile, Powerful: The laser of choice for most busy clinics, college and professional sports teams. Professional and amateur athletes alike use the cordless MR4 ACTIV to temporarily relieve acute and chronic pain, reduce stiffness and muscle spasms, increase microcirculation and more in the training room, on the field or on the road. Use the included LaserPuncture Trigger Point Probes to treat smaller, targeted acupuncture points and trigger points using laser therapy – without needles.

  • 25W peak super pulsed power
  • Convenient and versatile
  • 470 nm blue light, 640 nm red light, 870 nm infrared, 905 nm super pulsed laser
  • Cordless with up to 6 hours of rechargeable battery power for both in-clinic and on-the-field use
  • 6 treatment settings
  • Half-power option for geriatric and pediatric patients
  • Set of 4 LaserPuncture/Trigger Point Probes for targeted laser therapy

What's Included
  • 25W MR4 ACTIV Cordless Laser
  • Set of 4 Acupuncture/Trigger Point Probes
  • 2 pairs of laser goggles
  • Carrying case
  • Operating Manual 
  • User's Guide DVD
  • Treatment Protocol Manual
  • Treatment Quick Reference Guide
  • Industry best 3-year limited warranty

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