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MR4 LaserShower Package

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Your Price: $8,995.00
Full product information can be found here: MR4 LaserShower Package
Part Number: 600-114
This package contains the LaserShower™ Emitter and the MR4™ Console Unit. Treat large muscle groups and the spine with the LaserShower’s 50W of super pulsed laser power.

*This device is FDA-cleared under NHN 510(k) Number K171354 and is indicated for adjunctive use in providing temporary relief of minor chronic neck and shoulder pain of musculoskeletal origin.

  • 1 Round LaserShower Emitter (50W)
  • 1 MR4 Console Unit - 3-Port System
  • 2 Pairs of Laser Goggles
  • Treatment Protocol Manual
  • Operating Manual & User's Guide
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty

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