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Your Price: $15,995.00
Full product information can be found here: MR5 ACTIVet PRO
Part Number: 500-400-PRO
The cordless, portable laser therapy system and successor to the MR4 ACTIVet™

With 50 W of Super Pulsed Laser power, 300% more total power than its predecessor, and 900% more blue light, the MR5 ACTIVet PRO provides more power and faster treatment times without raising skin temperature, making it the safest high powered laser on the market.

The blue LED light accelerates wound repair and reduces bacteria in wounds, providing your pet with a safe, fast and drug-free recovery.

New in the MR5 ACTIVet PRO Upgrade:

  • 6 new frequency settings to treat even more conditions
  • Priority Principle settings built in to help guide treatments based on symptoms presented
  • New treatment modes for equine and small or large companion animals
  • Joule measurement and timer to help monitor how energy is delivered
  • Use red and blue light simultaneously to provide anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial therapy at the same time
  • Isolate and combine wavelengths to experiment with new wavelength combinations
  • Continuous wave and pulsed wave modes to vary power delivered
  • Saved Programs menu to log your favorite settings and modes for quick, easy access

Multi Radiance technology has proven its technology works, without limitations. Our technology safely delivers the most light to deep tissue and facilitates absorption.

The synchronous use of high power super pulsed laser, and ultra-bright infrared, red and blue LEDs optimizes the biological effects of the entire phototherapeutic window to accelerate healing and reduce pain.

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